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Cage Diving With Sharks

Shark or "Mano" in Hawaiian, is still central to the culture of the native Hawaiians and is featured in many legends. Hawaiians today still revere the shark and honor them as ancestral familial GOD's of long ago. They are one of many central figures in Hawaiian mythology and are featured in countless legends throughout the pacific. The shark God Kamohoali`i guided his sister Fire Goddess Pele on her journey as she escaped a feud with her sister which resulted in the creation of the Hawaiian Islands. We will take you on a journey to see one of the many forms of sharks, the descendants of Hawaiian folklore, and witness their agility and gracefulness as they glide by just inches away from you. All this, and a breathtaking view of Oahu's North Shore are part of the Hawaii shark tour.

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Our adventure begins as we depart Haleiwa Small Boat Harbor and travel 3 miles out to sea. On the way we'll see a breathtaking view of the north shore coastline, spinner dolphins, green sea turtles, flying fish, and in the winter months, the famous Alaskan humpback whales. Once at the shark diving cage, the sharks will rise from the depths to greet you. This thrilling experience, the first and finest in Hawaii, will change your life and profoundly affect your feelings toward sharks in Hawaii. 100% SHARK SIGHTINGS ARE GUARANTEED OR YOU DON'T PAY!

Hawaii shark cage diving

  • About North Shore Shark Adventures!

    North Shore Shark Adventures has been safely operating since 2001. We are the original and most established shark adventure tour in Hawaii. The most frequent response we hear from people as they exit the cage is, "This is the best thing I have done on my stay in Hawaii!". This is sure to be the highlight of your Hawaiian vacation.

  • Hotel pick-up for your Hawaii shark tour!

    Are you staying in Waikiki, at the Kahala Hotel, or coming off a Hawaiian cruise ship and need round trip transportation? Let us do all the driving for you and book online or call us at 808-228-5900 any day between 6 am and 6 pm Hawaii time.

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    No fancy equipment or training needed, simply a mask and snorkel which is provided. You don't even need to know how to swim because you just hold onto the bars as you float in the safety of the spacious aluminum shark diving cage. Fun for all ages. Safety is our #1 priority! So jump in and enjoy all the sharks of Hawaii you're about to see!

  • Shark Cage Diving Talk. Learn about sharks in Hawaii

    The sharks most commonly viewed are the Galapagos and Sandbar sharks which range from 6 to 12 feet long. The water is typically crystal clear. We hope to change your perspective of these beautiful and majestic animals from fear to understanding and appreciation. They are an important part of Hawaii marine life eco systems. Most importantly, absolutely exciting to see from the shark diving cage!

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Hawaii Shark Encounters
Swimming With Sharks

We welcome all ages and it’s completely safe! Don’t worry if you can’t swim, our shark diving cage includes handle-bars within the cage for you to hold-on to. Capture your shark diving adventure forever with our optional video service shot in 1080p or bring your own camera. We’ve been in operation since 2001 and have serviced people from all around the world. We’d love you to join us! Our vessels the “Abunai”, the “Kaiou”, and “Anela” await you in beautiful Haleiwa Small Boat Harbor. Check in at the Shark Shack for free parking.

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Check out this epic Whale Shark video, shot right in the shark diving cage Oahu!

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